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  • Battery Charger PULSE 30 230V 6V/12V/24V


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    Automatic, electronic battery charger for charging 6/12/24V WET, GEL, AGM,MF, SPIRAL and START-STOP batteries, that makes use of Power Stream technology.

  • Heater VF 31T-2


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    Robust execution, stainless steel, galvanized sheet metal. Can be fixed to a wall easily with the bracket. Powerful fan motor and low noise, 34dB. These heaters have been designed for quick heating and optimal air circulation. Suited for both temporary and permanent heating. IP 44 class for use in damp areas. Supplied 2 m cable with CEE plug. Thermal cut-out, high quality powder coat finish. Swedish manufacture. With timer.

  • Starter PRO START 1712 12V


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    Battery-powered starter suitable for 12V starting of cars, vans, small boats, etc. When connected tothe cigar-lighter outlet it maintains the voltage on all circuits during battery changes and is alsoa 12V power source for use in emergencies. Fit with an automatic safety switch for starting, it doesnot damage the electronics of the vehicle and allows for a large number of starting operations before being recharged. PRO START 1712 can be recharged using the special power supply, connected tothe mains network, or using the cigar-lighter outlet of the vehicle (for the safeguard of the battery, charge for 12 hours before use, charge again after each use and every 3 months in any case ). Characteristics: automatic short circuit/ overload protection * polarity inversion protection acoustic/luminous alarm * 2 emergency red reflective lights * high efficiency, rechargeable, portable led lamp with magnet * battery charge status led * battery charging status led * 5V USB socket to recharge electronic devices (navigator, mobile phone, etc.) * 2 x 12V jack sockets * Cable/adaptor holder pocket. Complete with: 230V AC 12V DC power adaptor, positive-negative cables with clamps, high efficiency lamp, single jack cable.

  • 85 pcs Hand-carried tool bag PA50111-85

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    Strong, hand-carried toolbag with high wearing comfort. Completely stocked with a 85-pieces range of Pard hand tools.
    This Pard toolbag is made of extra strong polyester fabric. This makes the bag suitable for all working and weather conditions, which benefits the life of this product. Due to the watertight bottom, the toolbase offers optimal protection of your items.

    The bag has a solid steel handle with rubber surface for extra grip and loading capacity. This ensures that wearing this toolbag is safe and comfortable.

    The bag is ideal for swift and easy storage and finding the right tools. The adjustable shoulder strap has a padding at the shoulder. This offers a high wearing comfort while wearing the bag. The shoulder straps are made of stainless steel.

    At the front of the toolbase there are 5 large storage compartments. These are very suitable for storing keys, cables, screwdrivers, etc.

    A lockable storage compartment in the middle offers the ability to store a mobile phone or other valuable items.

  • Battery Charger ALPINE 18 BOOST 230V 12-24V


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    Battery charger for charging free electrolyte batteries (WET) with 12/24V voltage. Protected againstoverloads and polarity reversal. Equipped with selector for normal or quick (BOOST) charge. Equippedwith ammeter.

  • Direct driven air compressor BL 24 air

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    Compact moveable compressor by the Huvema brand. Top quality Reliable compressor at an competitive price.

    The compact compressor is perfectly suited for DIY and handymen in and around the house, use in workshops and at construction sites.

  • 20pcs 1/4″ Socket set PAC34605520

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    20pcs 1/4″ Socket set